MAAD – Touch Me feat. Ro James 
MAAD - Touch Me feat. Ro James

Release Date: Out Now

As the song goes, she’s a native New Yorker. The thing is, MAAD is also an incredibly talented artist so it doesn’t really matter where she’s from, does it? MAAD’s new single, ‘Touch Me’, is something quite special as well as being incredibly simple. You see, it starts with a bass line and some subdued groans. Slow, deliberate and, for all the world, sounding like the track Prince wrote before he shuffled off all too early. MAAD’s voice is so smooth and soulful as you might expect but that bass line and those hand claps really make this stand out. Some strings, some keys, some guitar squeals – all scattered like herbs being applied to a hot sauce – while MAAD and Ro James duet like loves speaking nose to nose, wilfully keeping their lips and bodies apart for as long as they can stand it. The spirit of Prince is strong in this tune as is the sexuality but you can’t deny the pure simple genius of it. This is how you do soul in 2017.