Love Ghost – Chimpanzee
Love Ghost - Chimpanzee

Release Date: Out Now

I love these guys. Straight off the starting line, I love them. LA teens Love Ghost have drawn influence from the 90s Grunge scene and turned it in to their own 21st century sound whilst retaining that raw, exciting energy of grunge. Latest single, ‘Chimpanzee’, starts with a forlorn violin lament before swinging in to a Smashing Pumpkins-esque sway with distorted guitars and tight drums. The strings add something fresh to this sound but even without them this would still be a step on from the likes of Silverchair as the chord progressions, structures and lyrics are less obvious. There’s a suitably lo-fi video to go along with this as well but you don’t need that – it’s just such a strong star from the California quartet that the song alone is enough.

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