LGM One – Out of the Blue EP 
LGM One - Out Of The Blue EP

Release Date: Out Now

Devonian indie-rockers LGM One have named themselves after the pulse that is thought to be the first extra-terrestrial communication ever received on planet earth. That’s fairly lofty sonic company to keep so you’ve got to hope the band’s penchant for novelty hats and oversized glasses (check their website, it’s disturbing) doesn’t influence their sound too much. The Out of the Blue EP opens with ‘Against Us’ and the hypnotic synth refrain has a sinister edge that is soon given energy by an urgent beat and some early Britpop vocals – think something between Space and Inspiral Carpets with a little Bluetones thrown in for good measure. ‘Can’t Breathe’ starts like a mellow Muse number with those prominent keys duelling with a low slung bass line before settling in to a slow groove that has shades of the Doors about.

The third track, ‘Bully’ feels like Young Knives, the Kaiser Chiefs and Maximo Park having a battle for indie supremacy in a sweaty working men’s club somewhere on the outskirts of Daventry. The EP closes up with ‘Travelling’ and again the bass and keys take the front seat, creating an atmosphere for the rest of the band to creep in to and build a sound that doesn’t stop evolving for the entire song. LGM One are a band that wears their influences strongly on their sleeves but they also create a sound that is something intriguingly unique about their sound. A genre that I can only describe as indie-prog-pop, if you can imagine such a thing.

Live Dates:

25th February – The Barley Sheaf, Liskeard
1st April – The Attic, Torquay
14th May – Lostfest, Lostwithiel
23rd-24th June – Summer Moon Festival, Kingkerswell

24th June – The Albion, Liskeard