Griff Lynch – Don’t Count On Me (I Ka Ching)
Griff Lynch - Don't Count On Me

Release Date: 10th February 2017

When you look at Welshman Griff Lynch, I don’t think your first thought is ever likely to be to expect perky, quirky electro-pop. But that’s what ‘Don’t Count On Me’ is. Layers of synths and electro beats bounce like the rubber balls in Lynch’s press shot – erratic but full of energy. Think Temposhark, Super Furry Animals, Jim Noir or David Kitt with a sense of the theatrical applied. Temper all that perkiness, though, with a sense of gritty realism and a wry smile as Lynch sings “Don’t cry for me, I wouldn’t cry for you if I had feelings too” in direct contradiction to the normal sentiment in modern pop songs that seem to suggest all pop stars are dependable creatures – not a fact that’s borne out by celebrity death rates, I might add.

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