Childcare – Kiss? (Lost In The Manor Records) 
Childcare - Kiss?

Release Date: Out Now

These guys have set the bar high for themselves by getting the LWM vote for single of the year in 2016 so it’s going to be hard for them to continue at that level of artistic achievement. Nevertheless, along comes ‘Kiss?’ and, well, they’ve only gone and done it again. A wire strung guitar riff, some neurotic vocals matching the rhythm and tone, smoother male vocals, a driving beat and some soothing harmonies. As opening minutes go, this has got everything you’d want and the energy of a hyper-introvert on the verge of breaking out and busting some moves at the office Christmas party, spurred on by one too many Eggnogs. There’s that quirky energy and creativity of Young Knives but with more soul, or the most English of indie sensibilities but with a rocket under it. “Never forget this, I’ll never forget. Never ever be the one to not be upset” – a strong message delivered in hypnotic fashion.


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