Brooke Candy feat. Sia – Living Out Loud (RCA Records)
Brooke Candy feat. Sia - Living Out Loud

Release Date: Out Now

OK, so Brooke Candy is a great name for a pop star but we need to address that cover art before anything else happens. I mean, it’s classy and stylised but there’s a mouth on her motherflippin’ forehead, what’s that all about? And more importantly, what would be the advantage? I suppose you could eat and hold a conversation at the same time or create your own two part harmonies. Anyway, enough of the cover, let’s read the book. Brooke Candy is a London based talent who has roped in the help of Sia (she’s so hot right now) for a little help on ‘Living Out Loud’ which is a certified hook laden pop stunner. Musically, there isn’t a huge amount to write home about – beats, clicks and some low synth drones, but it’s the dual power of Candy and Sia’s voices that make this the epic tune it clearly is. The countdown lyrics work really well as a motif and the chorus is full of uplifting messages of power like “nothing can stop me now, got to live out loud” that are pitched somewhere between Lady GaGa and Katy Perry but with that undoubtedly Sia sound. Expect to hear this all over your airwaves and probably on a few montages before too long.

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