Amea – Vaycay/MTV Cribs Edition 
Amea - Vaycay/MTV Cribs Edition

Release Date: Out Now

Here we have an artist who was born in Oklahoma, raised in Ohio and educated in Texas – or so says her Facebook profile. That journey to this point in Amea’s life has helped her to create a sound infused with a whole host of influences mixing around in a kaleidoscope of sound. ‘Vaycay’ is soulful, that’s a given, but there’s pop style, R&B cool and the experimental edge of the likes of Kimbra and Florence + The Machine. Gently throbbing bass, undulating melodies and a steadily infectious groove all work in Amea’s favour as her gentle, sultry vocal weaves like a political Kelis through the night air. The uniquely title ‘MTV Cribs Edition’ is a more left-field piece with a beat that feels drunk and melodies that stagger as much as they meander, only held together and on course by the singularly superb voice and flow of Amea. A unique talent that I expect (and want) to hear more from.

Live Dates:

11th February – Ripley Neighbourhood House, Houston

12th February – Limelight, San Antonio