Vista – Henchmen 
Vista - Henchmen

Release Date: 13th January 2017

Now you just look at these New York rockers. This is how a band should look. Brooding, super cool, slightly aloof and standing in the corner of someone’s backyard. Now, Vista have got the look down but have they got the chops to live up to their image? Well, forthcoming single ‘Henchmen’ is a pretty good start. From the slightly eerie, creaky openings to the cry of frontwoman Hope Vista to “Call off the henchmen” this is undeniably polished, melodic rock in the vein of the likes of Linkin Park or Evanescence but with that slick female vocal giving this a slightly pop edge. “We’re not scared of waging war” they sing and although I’m not sure this is the intention this feels like the tip of the iceberg for protest songs that will surely come flooding out of the US this year depending on how strong Trump’s stranglehold is over the media. 2017 needs to be the year of the angry voice and I think Vista might just be the first cries.

Live Dates:

13th January – Irving Plaza, New York w/Against The Current, Beach Weather, CRUISR