VEI – Rolling On You Romeo 
VEI - Rolling On You Romeo

Release Date: 27th January 2017

Now I know it’s early in the year but I genuinely think we may have one of the big talents of 2017 on our hands here. London based artist VEI emerges as a fresh, original and highly talented performer in the pop world when there are so many floating around in the mediocre pool never really turning a head. This forthcoming single, ‘Rolling On You Romeo’, is likened to Kate Nash, Bjork and Lily Allen in the PR blurb but for me this is more like a British version of Christine & The Queens or PJ Harvey but with a more playful spirit. The plucked strings and trudging bass are soon joined by VEI’s delicate vocal trills and mournful Cello and then comes the sass. Oh the sass. Sure, some of this comes from the video which shows VEI in uber confident dance routine form but the vocal performance alone you can glean soul and pop savvy far beyond what you might expect of someone at this stage in her career. I can just hear this on the BBC 6Music playlist, pumping out of Later…. or drifting out from various tents at festivals this summer. I hate the phrase but VEI is certainly ‘one to