Tyni – Fighter (Croydon Boy Records) 
Tyni - Fighter

Release Date: Out Now

Oh Sheffield, you’ve given me so much over the years (including a number of homes, highs and lovers) and now you’ve only gone and given me the superb talents of singer songwriter Tyni. The songstress’ new single, ‘Fighter’, opens with a perky little synth riff and simple finger clicks before Tyni’s sultry pop vocals ease in and you know you’re listening to something with chops. As ‘Fighter’ builds in to the chorus you could easily imagine this on a NOW compilation or bursting out of speakers at a club as the night starts to ignite in a playlist alongside Lady Gaga, Major Lazer and Angie. Some slightly odd noises that sound like an overly processed asthmatic donkey work strangely well but the bubbling bass and popping rhythms really seal the deal and leave you wanting more in the best way possible. So, y’know, more please.