The Loft Club – Heart’s Desire [+Remix] (Lightyear Entertainment/Caroline/Universal Music) 
The Loft Club - Heart's Desire

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a distinctly burgeoning scene occurring in Exeter and it’s not surprising for a city so rich in creativity and cultural influences. The latest eruption of lava from this bubbling hotspot is The Loft Club, a quartet of unassuming proportions who present the single ‘Heart’s Desire’ and, just for the sake of novelty, a remix as well. We get going with a good old fashioned blues stomp with pleasingly twangy guitars and a simple, driving beat. Essentially, this is the music that the Beatles would have produced if, instead of getting introspective in India, they’d gone to the Mid-West with a burnt out double decker and gone native for a few months. The remix, by producer Niklas Ibach, turns the spirit of the song on its head and rather than a rousing stomp we are treated a floaty, airy slice of Zero 7 meets Above & Beyond in chill out mode which is no bad thing. So, here we have a talented band with a great single in its own right supplemented by a remix that does that rare thing in making more from an already wondrous thing. Here we can have our cake AND we can eat it (and it’s low calorie).