Sewer Rats – Mother Acid 
Sewer Rats - Mother Acid

Release Date: Out Now

Sewer Rats are a Grimsby based trio playing psych-grunge. If that sentence doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the band then I can’t really help you but maybe you should go and have a go on the swings while the grown-ups talk about gritty music. This latest single, ‘Mother Acid’, is as sinister as it is compelling as the relentless grunge grind starts to pick up pace and snarl with the few teeth it has left in its mouth. This is no nonsense, old school and thoroughly enjoyable as the guitar and bass growl at each other before being battered around the head by the drums. Then the vocals come lurching and heaving in to view to scare the living day lights out of anyone who turned down the wrong Grimsby side street. This is the kind of angry, sneering music I expect more of in 2017 and if I don’t get it then woe betide the shit the comes in its stead.