Pip Hall – Turn Over (My Little Empire Records)
Pip Hall - Turn Over

Pip Hall is 16. This fact is touted by all her press and media and it’s great that someone of such tender years is making music but it does tend to colour your judgement a little. If my 2 year old son presents me with a multi-coloured smudge on a piece of paper I tend to go overboard with the praise in a way that I would never do if this was presented to me at an art gallery with a £6k price tag. So, I’ve tried to listen to this song and not follow any comment or thought up with “….not bad for a teenager”. Once you get beyond that piece of unconscious bias, ‘Turn Over’ can be enjoyed as a genuinely gorgeous piece if lo-fi indie with sophistication about it. The sludgy guitars and loose drums provide space for Hall’s slacker drawl to spread luxuriously across the song without a care in the world. Assuming I was organising my CDs by genre, I would probably slot this in alongside Belly, Throwing Muses, Echobelly and Elastica but just after Laura Marling and PJ Harvey. I also love the fact that this song feels so relaxed and as though it takes it’s time but still comes in at just under three minutes. Not bad for…….whoa there, nearly. Nearly…..