Natalie Lain – Natalie Lain EP 
Natalie Lain - Natalie Lain EP 

Release Date: Out Now

There is something wonderful about a person who opens their heart up to a world of music, regardless of style, genre or era. So when Pennsylvania resident Natalie Lain comes shuffling in to view citing Nirvana, Joplin and Patti Smith as influences you’ve got to give her stuff a listen, right? This new EP opens with ‘Bruises’, a tune so subtle and subdued it sounds initially like the kind of tune that’s played at the end of a party when everyone is so wasted that they can barely lift a glass/roll-up to their mouth. But listen and closer and the embers are still glowing – there’s a fire in the belly as Lain’s vocals come through gritted teeth and the Quentin Tarantino guitars give this a slightly sinister, feisty edge. ‘Bloodshot Eyes’ comes on like a Bond theme, such are the smoky, sultry vocals from Ms Lain and sense of danger about the jazz influenced musicianship delivered with real pop style and confidence.

That slightly sinister theme continues on ‘Murder is Forever’ (not just for Christmas, presumably) as the distant guitars jangle in from the shadows as Lain sings “I remember our first kiss and through the blood I tasted on your lips” sounding for all the world like Feist’s younger sister who has been dabbling in the occult whilst listening to Taylor Swift. The EP closes out on ‘No Turning Back’ which is a bona fide pop track with quick-fire vocals and minor notes that suggest the kind of sadness that comes just before defiance and resolution kick in and you come back fighting. Natalie Lain sings “I think that this is my turning point and there’s no turning back” which is an incredible piece of self-reflection. You see, right now Lain is at a fork in the road where she can pursue the pop songwriting path and go for the big bucks or she can opt to be her own artist and explore that darker side that intrigues and excites so much. The great thing is that she has no pressure to choose just yet and the talent to make a success of both paths if she wants to.

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