Mosley Bar – Two Apart 
Mosley Bar - Two Apart

Release Date: 30th January 2017

Skelmersdale. It’s a great name for a place is Skelmersdale. It just rolls off the tongue and round the teeth. The town has spawned fresh young band ‘Mosley Bar’ who, in turn, are about to share their new single ‘Two Apart’ and it’s got a great and instant energy about it that I haven’t heard since the Arctic Monkeys first burst on to the scene. The guitars just about get away with being 80s influenced and jangly because there’s a stuttering, jutting feel to this track that gives it a truly contemporary feel. The impatient snare and high hat work well to get heads nodding while the smoothly delivered vocal sings from a place of frustration and desperation, only satisfied when the chorus moves that energy to a higher level. The song comes to an impetuous and triumphant crescendo that moves this in to the realms of genuine indie floor filler which is not something I say lightly. Give me 3 pints of basic lager and a dance floor and I’d be spinning to this and that’s high praise.