Memory Flowers – Atoms 
Memory Flowers - Atoms

Release Date: 30th January 2017

Memory Flowers’ latest tune, ‘Atoms’, opens like a mid-90s pop-ballad that Ronan Keating would have snapped up in a pair of beige khakis. However, the smooth and mature vocals take this back about 10 years and then we’re in ABC territory which is actually quite engaging. Melodically, there’s something of the West End Musical about this and if a video were to be made you’d expect it to feature turtle necks, dramatic landscapes, sad eyes and a whole of black and white. Memory Flowers have found a particularly narrow niche between a whole host of unlikely bed fellow genres and, well, it works. Somehow it works, even with the uplifting crescendo ending that just shouldn’t. This must be some kind of black magic or witch craft……but I like it.