Malka – Breakout 
Malka - Breakout

Release Date: 20th January 2017

There’s always a frisson of excitement when I receive a new release from Scottish artist Malka as she always goes the extra mile with her music and the accompanying visuals. New single ‘Breakout’ is no disappointment in either department as Malka (aka Tamara Schlesinger) comes out looking like a character from the capital in The Hunger Games but with a little more Bowie fantasy about her. Musically, ‘Breakout’ is a quirky, almost elfin tune that opens with just Malka’s vocals before a tribal rhythm beats out a message to the digital fireflies swirling in this genetically modified woodland glade. You see, Malka manages to create music that sounds organic, laden with heritage and potentially as old as the hills whilst simultaneously offering up something that feels futuristic, fresh and original. I guess it’s like Star Wars – it feels like the future but apparently it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Fortunately for us, Malka is happening right now in our very own Galaxy. So, strap on your headdress and dance round the bonfire like tomorrow is years away.

Live Dates:

7th February – Single Launch @ Servant Jazz Quarters, London w/ James MacLaine