Kalli Ma – Promises (CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH) 
Kalli Ma - Promises

Release Date: 27th January 2017

London pair Kalli Ma are here. Yes they are. They just walked in to the party like Daft Punk but with better hair (largely due to not wearing helmets all the ruddy time) and they’ve brought a party stomper to set things off. ‘Promises’ kicks in like a Chemical Brothers tune swirling around the night air at Glastonbury before a mid-puberty Alvin (Chipmunk, not Stardust) joins in with some wonky, Babylon Zoo-esque vocals. The beats persist, the synths swirl and the mood is sheer euphoria with a slightly sinister undertone much like other British dance pioneers Orbital, Underworld or The Orb as well as the aforementioned Chemical Brothers. This is superbly stirring dance music that makes me want to go out and play at this at full volume in my car whilst cruising the streets which is a really bad idea because it’s a Monday night and I live in Cornwall. That’s not the fault of Kalli Ma though, their only crime is that the made a seriously infectious dance tune and didn’t put a warning label on it.

Live Shows/DJ Sets:

1st February – The Waiting Room, London w/ LIND + Vogue.Noir

2nd March – Brixton Jamm, London w/Wolfgang Flur (Kraftwerk)