Fraser’s Boy – Back from This 
Fraser's Boy - Back from This

Release Date: 20th January 2017

Brighton talent Frasers Boy has a press shot that looks a little bit like Rivers Cuomo was sent back in time and woke up in a terrible 70s pub in Yorkshire. And I like it. The new single, ‘Back from This’, on the other hand sounds thoroughly 21st century as the rippling and bouncing synths keep the chirpy little click beat in place until the subtle, underplayed vocals join in from the background, slowly stepping out of the shadows. There are plenty of other comparisons but my first reaction to this was similar to when it first heard White Town’s ‘Your Woman’ or New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ – it’s just got that kind of primal pulse and lo-fi honesty that I find incredibly appealing. Even if the music was left in a time capsule on an 8-track cartridge under a pub in Barnsley.