Flashes – The Upset 
Flashes - The Upset

Release Date: Out Now

Another year starts and yet another band emerges from the Badlands of Cornwall to see what the rest of the world has to say about the art they’ve been crafting in their hovel. Or maybe they’ve been living by the sea and existing on a diet of shrimp and cider. Who can tell? Either way, new single ‘The Upset’ starts with a sinister and slightly shifty beat before the whispered, shadowy vocals come floating in on a curl of cigarette smoke. The guitars twitch and stutter in the shadows with a hint of the Dick Dale’s about them as that persistent beat builds to prominence until it’s invading your personal space and breathing down your neck. By the time explodes around the two minute mark you have to be drawn in as the song evolves in to something akin to Kobadelta meets Radiohead with Robert Smith behind the production desk having listened to a steady diet of ‘Boy’ era U2. This is introspective stuff but with expansive soundscapes and that’s a hard combination to achieve.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/flashesband/?fref=ts