Dani – Cruel 
Dani - Cruel

Release Date: Out Now

We’re like four days in to January so it’s about time we hear from our friends in Canada to see what they’re offering us in 2017. Well, what they’re offering, like some sort of sacrificial lamb, is Alberta gal Dani and her moody but sensuous new single, ‘Cruel’. At first listen this sounds like Lana Del Rey but there’s a coldness to the tune where Lana exudes warmth and that gives this a slightly eerie quality. The scant beat is given flesh by the throbbing synth bass tones and then a soul is awoken by Dani’s soft, sweet vocal drifting around like a misty, swirling smoke. Dani has a gorgeously unique voice that strides across the pop and dance divide with cool, casual ease and this song is a perfect example of this talent.