Dakar Audio Club – Dakar Audio Club EP 
Dakar Audio Club - EP

Release Date: Out Now

Exeter outfit Dakar Audio Club are a wonderfully surprising bunch and their EP should be something that everyone gets their ears blessed with early in 2017 if you haven’t already had the experience. Due to the joy of alphabetized MP3 attachments I’m not sure what order these come in so let’s just take them as they come. That means starting with ‘Santa Nalla’, a blissed out piece of Afrofusion with a chilled bass line and a nice line Reggae scratch guitars nudging the dreamy, dusky vocals along in the twilight. ‘Sossul Ma’ is up next and the bluesy guitars come straight out of a swamp before settling in to a groove that will have even the most sedentary of partiers up on their feet doing a slow-show shuffle. Finally, for now, we have ‘Travelling Soon’ which gallops in to view like a cowboy riding on the back of ‘Graceland’ ready for some kind of celebration. And if all that music wasn’t enough to convince you then just note that they have a member called Si who has his responsibilities listed simply as ‘Ambience’. Yeah, they’ve basically gone and got their own Bez.