Code Walk feat. Smerz – Guess What (F12 Records) 
Code Walk feat. Smerz - Guess What

This track is one of those that makes you stop what you’re doing and pay attention but not in an overly aggressive way - like spotting a cool looking bar down an alley way that you’ve walked past a hundred times before without ever noticing. On ‘Guess What’ Code Walk create minimalist, sparse electro dance for those more spaced out moments of the night while Smerz add some sultry vocals that don’t force the issue in any way but take you back to those pioneering days of EDM in the 90s when the likes of Josh Wink and Underworld were too hot to handle. A Danish duo writing sparse songs in Norway has resulted in this track and it’s just perfect for late night/early morning chilled vibes which, I suspect, was the very intention.