WHOOP-Szo – Another Show 
WHOOP-Szo - Another Show

Release Date: Out Now

Canadian collective WHOOP-Szo come around from time to time and send me a piece of delicate indie to soothe my soul from their frosty outpost. ‘Another Show’ combines a plethora of instruments and the spirit of the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Lemonheads and Arcade Fire to build to a chorus line of “rock and roll, when you gonna soothe my soul?”. Everything about this band is borne from a genuine love for music and wanting to use that love and that music to share a message with as wide an audience as possible. On a day like today when hatred and anger seems to have won the day in America it seems only fitting that a group of Canadian musicians north of the border (soon to be wall?) should be the ones to calm my rage and bring me back to reality with a gentle arm round the shoulder and a tune that says “it’s OK, we’re going to be alright”.