The Winachi Tribe – A Room With A Zoo 
The Winachi Tribe - A Room With A Zoo

Release Date: 18th November 2016

Northwest collective The Winachi Tribe have opted for a short film to accompany this latest single release and have bagged themselves a little bit of a star in Tommy Flanagan of Peaky Blinders/Sons of Anarchy fame just for the hell of it. Now, I’m not here to review videos but I will just say that there’s a Wild West meets Tarantino vibe going on which is never a bad thing is it? ‘A Room With A Zoo’, however, is a more LCD Soundsystem meets Electronic kind of trip with electronic pings and pongs bouncing around while a smooth bass rolls around in the background. The disco-cum-rap vocals are like Hot Chip giving Ian Brown some pointers in the back of the club while the drinks flow and the children’s ‘choir’ fits perfectly with the innocent instrumentation. This is an epic release with different elements, twisting paths and spiralling twists of smoke working their way through your consciousness.

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Live Dates:

6th December – Live In Session @ Glyndwr TV, Wrexham