The Lad Classic – Are You With Me (Our Audio Kin) 
The Lad Classic - Are You With Me

Release Date: Out Now

Normally, I wouldn’t watch a video before I’d heard the tune in isolation but I did in this case and, for some reason, it didn’t help. I’ve got nothing against the four guys in Canadian outfit The Lad Classic but something in the video seemed to lack energy which didn’t really go with the song. You see, ‘Are You With Me’ is a dyed in the wool slab of rock with big riffs and a pumping rhythm so it needed something more powerful to visually accompany it. Taking their lead from rock legends like Audioslave, Guns’n’Roses and Reef, The Lad Classic are sexy rockers with the chops to back it up so if you want a tune to do some high speed cruising too then look no further. Maybe that’s it – not enough gasoline in a video for a song that drives so damn hard.