Paradisia – Warpaint 
Paradisia - Warpaint

Release Date: Out Now

This is beautiful. I’m putting that out there right away because London trio Paradisia are only on their second single and already they seem to have struck sonic gold so I don’t want to mess around with your time. ‘Warpaint’ is gently fierce cry of solidarity with their fellow members of womankind but don’t worry fellas, you can enjoy it too. A soft piano plays in the dappled sunlight coming in through a high window and those stunning vocals come to sooth and soar in equal measure. If I didn’t know better (and I do), I would be forgiven for thinking this was a ‘chill out’ version of a huge, world straddling pop smash but it’s not, it’s simply a gorgeous, life affirming, classy tune beautifully performed. Mark Paradisia for your ‘ones to watch in 2017’ list and bask in the glory of your friends being amazed by your excellent taste. You’re welcome.

Live Dates:

8th November – Moth Club, London