Molly Warburton – The Way It Is 
Molly Warburton - The Way It Is

Release Date: 25th November 2016

“That’s just the way it is; some things will never change”. One of the most iconic lines of lyrics from down the years of pop music made famous by the unassuming Bruce Hornsby. Now, ‘The Way It Is’ has been reworked by the similarly unassuming but talented Lancastrian, Molly Warburton. As soon as those famous soft key notes ring out and a smooth bass gives things a bit of soul, you know where you are. Warburton’s voice chimes with a little delay and it’s haunting in a very modern way as she uses old words to warn a modern generation of the dangers of apathy and inaction. There is a propensity these days for covering a song with minimal instrumentation and it’s starting to get a little old but I think Molly Warburton’s treatment of this 80s classic just gets through under the wire – partly down to timing and the fact that this could soundtrack an anti-Trump montage for the American liberals.

Live Dates:

18th November – The Gallery @ The Dukes, Lancaster
24th November – The Asahi Back Room, Guildford

8th December – Dublin Castle, London