Hotei + Iggy Pop – Walking Through The Night (Universal Records/Spinefarm Records) 
Hotei + Iggy Pop - Walking Through The Night

Release Date: Out Now

I do like uncovering hardly heard of new artists and introducing them to you, dear reader/listener, but I can’t claim any credit for this pair. Iggy Pop sits astride the western musical world like a semi-naked Greek God while Hotei is held in the highest regard in Japan where he is a superstar of stadium sized proportions. So, when East meets West, what do we get? We get ‘Walking Through The Night’, that’s what. As singles go this is a bit of a modern take on a Blues stomp with an oriental element behind the guitar riff. Pop’s voice is low and mean in the way only he can do while Hotei’s guitar growls and grunts like a warrior waiting to go in to battle. There is something subconscious and darkly disturbing about this tune but it is similarly almost impossible to resist as our many of darkest urges.

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