Cassels – Flock Analogy (Too Pure Singles Club) 
Cassels - Flock Analogy

Release Date: Out Now

On a regular basis I come across artists that I think might just be brilliant, that might just be ready to break down some walls and might just last the distance. Most of the time, they fizzle out, split up, sell out or just get a bit shit. I’m pleased to say, however, that London duo Cassels are staying the distance and for such young lads they have got a hell of a future to explore that potential with. This latest single, via the ever reliable Too Pure Singles Club, comes under the title of ‘Flock Analogy’ and is, well, brutal. Those trademark angular guitars are joined by a Fall-esque monotone and breathless vocal singing “You answer to wait you perceive to be a higher authority who’s only concern is preserving the good name of their fading deity”. Now that’s an opening line. The drums rumble on and the guitars chop, charge and stagger like a drunk on a mission through a crowded bar. Cassels have that artistic side which is almost avant garde but that’s mixed with a punk element and moments that are reminiscent of the Streets. It is this combination mixed with a visceral sound that makes Cassels such an appealing prospect – a bit like a 10 car pile-up entirely comprised of clown cars where nobody got seriously hurt.

Live Dates:

6th November – The Bullingdon, Oxford w/Tigercub

18th November – The Square, Harlow w/Lightcliffe + DoN’T WORRY