Barricades – Demo 
Barricades - Demo

Release Date: Out Now

Time for three fresh tracks from two lads making one whole lotta racket. London based duo Barricades (great name by the way) are a no-nonsense garage-punk outfit and opening track ‘England’s Eyes’ hits you straight between the eyes like walking through the wrong door in the pub and finding yourself in the middle of a UKIP rally. Fierce, piercing guitars are met with crashing drums and it’s all referred by a punk yelp that reminds me of Cassels or early Subways, especially when they ask “Are you fucking high?”.

‘Pipe Down’ is no less visceral but there’s more of a post-punk effort going on here with elements of At The Drive-In and Pixies sneaking in to the snarling, meandering guitars and flailing drums before a Lou Reed-esque drawl creeps in – I just read that back; Pixies, At The Drive-In and Lou Reed referenced in one song ain’t bad is it? The final track on this collection ‘Know, See, Want, Need’ find Nick and Jordan in swaggering mood and this, for me, is the highlight track here as the duo step in the sliver in the Venn diagram between Royal Blood and the Black Keys for a blues fuelled jam that gets the juices flowing with its choppy guitars and rolling drums that sound like a four-minute solo. Two men, three tunes and one hell of an exciting prospect – these guys are right at the beginning, somebody pick ‘em up, quick.