Unique Hastings – Skip The Talking 
Unique Hastings - Skip The Talking

Release Date: Out Now

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to judge anyone for their name but when I saw the subject of this email I thought I’d been added to the mailing list for a new beauty salon or nightclub in Sussex: Unique, Hastings. Instead, Unique Hastings is actually a soul-pop singer from South London and his new single, ‘Skip The Talking’, is a classy slice of urban soul with a cool edge. Hastings’ voice is smooth with a slightly gravelly edge that would sit nicely in the US charts while the skittish beats and hypnotic melodies have a definite UK flavour. There’s a subtlety and almost shyness to this tune which is refreshing for the genre and I would think a certain Mr West could learn a thing or two from this (just to be clear, I mean Kanye West not Fred West).