This Burning Age – Tatterdemalion 
This Burning Age - Tatterdemalion

Release Date: 28th October 2016

When you call your band This Burning Age and have a frontman called Friday you are setting yourself up to be judged as a slightly pretentious outfit but if you’ve learned anything by now I hope you’ve learned that we don’t judge books by their covers around these parts. Nevertheless, the Birmingham 5 piece are to be approached with caution, such is the caustic and acerbic nature of their single ‘Tatterdemalion’ which burns brightly and sharply. The throbbing, rolling bass line drives things along relentlessly while the snare punctuates things like an annoying younger sibling banging on your bedroom door with alarming rhythmic aptitude. Friday’s voice is an accomplished wail with just enough gravel to be appealing as the single drags in influences from the likes of Incubus, At The Drive-In, Smashing Pumpkins, Sponge and all the darkest bits of the 90s grunge scene. This Burning Age is still a bit of a pretentious band name but then all the best ones have already been taken and when the music is this good, who cares about the name, right?