Sofi de la Torre – Flex Your Way Out ft. Blackbear 
Sofi de la Torre - Flex Your Way Out

Release Date: Out Now

A Spanish singer, a Finnish producer and a guy from LA called Blackbear walk in to a studio (or more likely they never actually meet but record their parts separately, such is the nature of the music industry these days) and the result is ‘Flex Your Way Out’. The super slow-mo beats and sparse melodies give De La Torre’s voice space to emerge, breathily from the shadows. This is seductive pillow talk in its tone but then Blackbear’s more forthright vocal cuts through to make this argument duet bristle with a very real tension. There is raw emotion and genuine hurt on show here and despite the song growing in to a smooth, soulful pop ballad it is almost a little uncomfortable to listen to. It’s like watching a couple having a fight in a pub; you want to look away but you just can’t.

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