Shaefri – Pixelate 
Shaefri - Pixelate

Release Date: Out Now

There’s something strangely but enticingly captivating about the work of an elusive musician. Music, to me, is rooted in sharing stories and passing on messages. So to hide that element of music and be reticent in sharing your story intrigues me and that is the proposition facing me in the shape of London dwelling Irish/Egyptian artist Shaefri. The new single from this enigma comes in the form of ‘Pixelate’ and it is a thing of beauty. Delicate key notes and pulsating beats form a soft, feathered bed on which Shaefri’s voice luxuriates in a lazy, Sunday morning kind of way. To be clear, I’m not talking about the Sunday mornings when you get the papers and drink a gallon of tea, I’m talking about the Sunday mornings when you wake up next to someone you love and lust after with nothing to do for the rest of the day. Shaefri’s voice has that subtle and slightly cold sensuality that served the likes of Portishead and Everything But The Girl so well over the years and this song shows that voice off superbly. ‘Pixelate’ is a labour of love with seduction at its core and it is well worth any level of seclusion if this is the resultant story. Sheer beauty.