Red Rosamond – Damn 
Red Rosamond - Damn

Release Date: Out Now

With a barrage of bullets coming as snare kicks LA’s Red Rosamond announces her arrival and new single ‘Damn’ pushes the saloon doors open to reveal the silhouette of a women hell bent on pleasure and revenge – and not necessarily in that order. Dripping in Dick Dale guitars, whip crack drums and a chord sequence to die for, ‘Damn’ is something fresh and something slightly dangerous in this day and age. Red Rosamond’s voice is huge and velvety like Florence Welch or Anna Calvi but soaked in a smooth old whisky. Essentially, if Tarantino were to release a Kill Bill 3, Red Rosamond would need to be cast in the film and ‘Damn’ would need to be the theme tune – it’s genuinely that good.

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