Rebecca & Fiona – Shotgun (Universal Music) 
Rebecca & Fiona - Shotgun

Release Date: Out Now

There’s something happening in Sweden at the moment, based on the sheer number of new artists being spawned within the country’s borders and more than a few of them are dabbling in the genre of alt-pop. The latest pretenders to the Swedish pop throne are the duo Rebecca and Fiona who arrive with their new single, ‘Shotgun’, riding high on a wave of pop sophistication and the kind breathy, seductive vocals that grace a good chunk of Top 40 hits these days. There is a lightness to the melodies but an aggression to the vocals and underlying bass drones that gives this tune edge and menace covered in a sugar glaze. There’s no distinguishing between the voices of Rebecca and Fiona but if you imagine a 21st Century Shampoo doing the soundtrack to Spring Break 2 then you’re probably not far off the mark.

Live Dates:

4th November – Tempel, Karlstad
5th November – Entourage, Sandviken
12th November – Hostyran, Umea
19th November – Ritz, Orebro
25th November – Liljan, Borlange
2nd December – Statt, Karlskrona
3rd December – Vara Konserthus, Vara
9th December – Puls, Norrkoping
10th December – Karallen, Linkoping
16th December – Metropol, Hultsfred