Pepe Deluxe – Go Girl Go (Catskills Records) 
Pepe Deluxe - Go Girl Go

Release Date: Out Now

A deep, bass rumble followed by the perkiest of perky female vocals and we’re off. The marvellous Pepe Deluxe are back with new single ‘Go Girl Go’ and we should all be grateful. Quirky melodies, horns and rhythms that scatter all over the place make this something that takes a couple of listens to ‘get’ but I’m more interested in songs with layers than songs that have one trick and one trick only. The cheerleader squeals are the most straightforward thing here but the Bentley Rhythm Ace meets Lemon Jelly mad professor-ness is both infectious and complex, like some sort of new strain of disease. Disco Fever, if you will, but the 2016 version.