Langfinger – Fox Confessor 
Langfinger - Fox Confessor

Release Date: Out Now

Swedish trio Langfinger have come to my attention via one of the best written bits of PR I’ve seen in a long time so, y’know, kudos for that. The band’s new single, ‘Fox Confessor’, is a balls to the wall slice of rock’n’roll that the likes of Jet and Wolf Mother have peddled so well in their time. There’s a relentless, remorseless sense to their music as the band chug and push through this four-minute behemoth with only one intention – to rock. The video takes a swipe at promoters giving bands a bum deal which is a common problem throughout the music world, it seems, but, speaking as a part-time promoter, I can confidently say I’d give these guys the shirt off my back if they rocked this hard at a show of mine. Devil horns to you gentlemen, devil horns.

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