Kobadelta – The Metaphysical EP 
Kobadelta - The Metaphysical EP

Release Date: Out Now

I’m about 10 days late with this, strictly speaking, but sumptuous Geordie combo Kobadelta have a new EP out this October and it’s five tracks are really well worth your time and your ears. Recent single, ‘Hold Yr’self’, is as dark, sticky and lava lamp-esque as ever it was with that hypnotic melodic refrain weaving in and out of the swirl of Doors inspired guitars. On ‘Ride by the Light’ the darkness continues but the guitars take more of a leading role as the tune, pitched somewhere between the Zutons and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, glides relentlessly after its victim down a foggy, black and white Victorian street an hour after the last orders bell was tolled. There is a cinematic quality to the music of Kobadelta that will appeal to fans of the likes of Nick Cave and Arcade Fire but the delicious, treacly blackness is more akin to the tar pit that Queens of the Stone Age crawled from, fully formed, which is a wondrous thing.

‘Bathsheba’ has a slightly more garage feel about it with the drums urgently pushing things forwards as the bass rolls relentlessly like the paint in the middle of the road illuminated only by the single headlight of an old, beaten up motorcycle. I haven’t mentioned the vocals on this EP yet but the dark, lip curled swagger should, by rights, grace stages the world over from the dark, seedy bars of the remnants of the UK live music scene to the sacrificial hipster celebration of Coachella. These rich tones are particularly evident on the sprawling and expansive ‘Is This The Start Of Something Beautiful?’ which would easily grace any album by a Josh Homme project. The EP closes up with ‘You Don’t Need To Ask…’ and the dirty, grungy guitar sound is back with flavours of My Bloody Valentine and Richard Hawley all mingling in a huge cauldron of distortion and sexually charged vocal delivery. Kobadelta truly are a class act with tunes, ideas and (allegedly) a pretty comprehensive contract with the devil to let them live forever as long as they keep rocking.

Live Dates:

4th November – EP Launch @ The Head of Steam, Newcastle

11th November – O2 Academy, Newcastle w/The Doors Alive