Chay Snowdon – Famous 
Chay Snowdon - Famous

Release Date: Out Now

There are a lot of talented artists emerging from shadows in the South West of the UK at the moment and one of the brightest burning lights seems to be a talented young chap by the name of Chay Snowdon. The Plymouthian’s new single, ‘Famous’, is the latest effort to justify the buzz and it starts with a punch as a pile driver riff and crashing drums wake us from our early Autumn slumber. Snowdon’s voice is characterful and his style is rock’n’roll with a slice of indie on the side which is no bad thing. Think Jake Bugg’s angrier little brother fronting a super group made up of members of Catfish & The Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age and you’re getting somewhere close. Providing there are other tunes like this in his arsenal (and I’m reliably informed there are), I would put money on Chay Snowdon being a) well worth catching live and b) a hot tip for further success in 2017. I’m not convinced that’s him in the chair though, I think Photoshop has been used.