BANGS – Overdose (Haxrummet Records) 
BANGS - Overdose

Release Date: Out Now

Swedish duo BANGS are described as Stockholm’s pop queens of darkness and that is an impressive, albeit niche, claim. Nevertheless, new single ‘Overdose’ allows Nicole Khadivi and Moa Andersson to show off a mischievous and malevolent side as their sparse melodies wind like fog around your senses and the pulsating rhythm sounds suspiciously like someone gulping with fear and apprehension. As debut releases go, I want to say that this is brave but I don’t think bravery really comes in to it with this pair. BANGS are as punk as they are ambient, as garage as they are darkwave and as edgy as they are aloof. Throw in to that mix an innate sense of cool and you have a pair of artists who could easily move from late night radio airplay and critical acclaim to the world of mega-producers and artists in their own right if anyone is brave enough to back them. Are you? Well? Are you?