Weekend Recovery – Focus 
Weekend Recovery - Focus

Release Date: Out Now

The idea of a bunch of kids from Kent writing songs in the style of Paramore and Green Day might not seem like the kind of thing to rouse you from your pre-Autumnal slumber but that is the prospect being presented by Weekend Recovery and their new single, ‘Focus’. From the get go, there’s a surging energy and sweet British pop-punk vibe going but I can’t help but feel like this is a little sanitised. The guitars purr rather than growl and the drums keep time fine but the belly of the beast is missing as your rib cage is left unbothered by the beat. The vocals of front woman Lorin are powerful and saccharine sweet in equal measure which just about saves this song but I think Weekend Recovery need to spend a little more time enjoying the weekend and less time worrying about the recovery in order to give their music that missing edge.

Live Dates:

29th September – The Dublin Castle, London
14th October – 93 Feet East, London
15th October – Poco Loco, Chatham
16th October – Oxford Tattoo Convention, Oxford
29th October – Halloween Special @ The Alley Cat, London
5th November – The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells