San Blas – Zaid/Reckless 
San Blas - Zaid/Reckless

Release Date: Out Now

When artists come to me a say they’re doing something a bit different, I tend to get a weird mix of nervous and excited. You see, ‘different’ can mean ground-breaking and original or it can mean uniquely terrible or it can mean derivative and without original thought. Throw the word ‘ukulele’ in to the mix and I’m starting to break out in a nervous sweat. All’s far in love and new music though so London quartet San Blas will get my unbiased ear on these two tracks, their debut releases no less. First up is ‘Zaid’ and straight away the ukulele is evident but this isn’t twee folky stuff, oh no, this is positive, up tempo indie pop with more energy than a preteen on six cans of Red Bull and a packet of Skittles. I can’t help but feel the American market would love this as it would fit in alongside your Barenaked Ladies with its perky guitars, gang vocals and snappy drum sound that is Reggae tight. ‘Reckless’, the other half of this release, is initially a more lilting, palm tree swaying tune with the thin vocals and ukulele floating away on a sea breeze but the rest of the band soon join in and give this a bit more punch like G Love & The Special Sauce in their pomp. I suspect San Blas will be a Marmite band but they will please crowds with their positive vibes and I would always rather be a love/hate band than a band that nobody has an opinion on.

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