Otti & The Voices – Joy & Tender Brightness 
Otti & The Voices - Joy & Tender Brightness

Release Date: Out Now

Sussex chap Otti Albietz approached me so tentatively with this tune that I was moved to give it some ear time, so bereft was it from all the usual hullaballoo that comes with most releases these days. This release, ‘Joy & Tender Brightness’ follows this subtle approach with sparse guitar notes and soft yet firm voice filling the air only to be joined by a starlight scattering of piano notes. Many would describe this as bleak or lacking in warmth but to me this is the sound of joyous relief you might feel at the death of a close loved one who had been suffering over a long period. Otti Albietz has the kind of blues and jazz tinged approach that Hozier has done so well with so I’m looking forward to more from this unassuming talent.

Live Dates:

8th September – The Observer Building, Hastings w/Karl Blau + No Middle Name + Humour Jail