Lulu James – It’s The Time 
Lulu James - It's The Time

Release Date: 16th September 2016

Now I wouldn’t have put money on this but it turns out that Newcastle Upon Tyne has spawned a genuine pop star with both the musicality and the vision to make heads turn and clocks stop. Lulu James is exactly the kind of artist that the pop world needs to follow in the irregular footsteps of the likes of Sia or Kelis in creating that makes you stop the car and turn the stereo up. ‘It’s The Time’ has a subtle power to it which doesn’t come obviously from the slow bounce of the bass line and finger clicked rhythm but on second or third listen you realise that this is about James’ voice and its ability to speak with raw emotion, pure soul and melodious power. This is a desperate song, almost a cry for help but as pop songs go it is damn new perfect. There’s a sophisticated video as well which should, by rights, make this an extremely attractive package for any A&R folk still sniffing around out there.