In 2012 London promoters Ravenous Promotions slipped in to a virtual coma after a few successful years supporting new music and generally being good to people. Before they completely went under, however, a child was ripped from the womb and that child was the music blog Listen With Monger. Now, four years later, having grown up in the safety of the Cornish south coast, Listen With Monger returns to London to avenge its comatose parent bringing reinforcement from the Westcountry. So, essentially, this is going to be like Kill Bill but with bands and booze. You in? Good cos it’s free entry and there are some cracking bands playing. Who? I’m glad you asked…

Holly, Lauren and Lucie form London trio Berries and between them they are creating a bit of a storm which is why they’re headling for Listen With Monger on this special, special night. A whole lot of rock, a twist of indie and enough nous to pay some attention to the melodies and hooks makes the Berries sound with more than a nod to the likes of Biffy Clyro, Belly, Reuben and Young Knives. A tonne of radio play and positive feedback from every blog, magazine or promoter that comes in to contact with these three means the future is bright but for now, right now, you can come and see them for free. You know what to do. 

Exeter’s Pattern Pusher describe themselves as Electronic Art Rock but that only tells half the story of these party starters. Sure, there’s craft and art behind what they create but, much like LCD Soundsystem, Transformer or Hot Chip, there’s the desire to have a good time and make people dance as well. There is a real style and flair about the noise that Pattern Pusher make but don’t think for one minute that this means they lack in substance, heck no. 

London based musician Kiran Hungin has been through a number of names, personas and direction changes but her latest vehicle, Seaker, seems to be hitting all the right notes and gaining all the plaudits. Guy Garvey is already a fan having given recent single ‘Romeo’ a spin on BBC 6Music and the legendary Clint Boon is also a big supporter. Come for the carefully crafted songs and stunning vocals but stay for the enticing murder ballads and poised alt-pop. 

Devon singer-songwriter Jamie Yost has that rare thing in the acoustic world; a soul. So many string botherers have the ability to sing, play and close their eyes in pain/delight but what Yost can do is take you away to somewhere altogether more appealing. Although an accomplished songwriter in his own right, it was actually Yost’s cover of Jackie Wilson’s ‘Higher and Higher’ that piqued my interest with a sparse guitar accompaniment giving his voice room to soar. A real talent that just needs nurturing a little so, y’know, come nurture him.

ROSA BELLE ( Splitting her time between her native Devon and London where she is honing her craft at BIMM, Rosa Belle is the very definition of an emerging talent. With a versatile voice and some delicate guitar playing, Rosa Belle has dipped her toes in the water of song-writing with a handful of songs and some excellent covers as well. Rosa Belle will be opening the night so order a glass of red wine, grab a seat and let yourself be swept away.