Ebson – Adapt To Thrive 
Ebson - Adapt To Thrive

Release Date: Out Now

Londoner Ebson is described in his press blurb as creating ‘alternative soul’ which sounds like something you might cook up with some kind of Ouija board and some backwards chanting. Instead, alternative soul, judging by ‘Adapt To Thrive’, is dark, delicious and gospel rich as Ebson’s smooth but powerful vocal emerges from the shadows of some semi-masonic chanting. There are bell chimes, chain-gang rhythms and the spirit of the blues all melting together like thick molasses and you’ll find yourself salivating before the last notes ring out. If this is alternative soul then I’m sold but I really think the blues ought to get a mention in there somewhere as this is a perfect example of the blues in spirit if not necessarily in structure.

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/ebsonmusic/adapt-to-thrive