Stacey – Build Me Up (Buttercup) 
Stacey - Build Me Up (Buttercup)

Release Date: Out Now

Right, we’ve got to be careful here. ‘Build Me Up (Buttercup)’ is a bloody classic song and one that I am fond of belting out in the kitchen, whilst driving or at a wedding. So when Toronto’s Stacey comes to the table with this cover version it makes me somewhat sceptical before I listened to this. Now, fair enough, Stacey has gone for the classic ‘strip it down and make it slow’ approach to cover versions which I’m getting a little bored of these days but this is different. Stacey’s haunting vocal and subversion of the melody makes this a tragic, forlorn love song and a completely different mood to the original. As covers go, this is strikingly original and will be a real Marmite tune for many people but I think Stacey deserves huge credit for putting her enchanting slant on a Motown classic. Brave but the gamble has paid off.