Serial Chiller – Life’s Rough (Warren Records) 
Serial Chiller - Life's Rough

Release Date: 6th August 2016

So two lads from Hull, Spud and Liam, may be my favourite new band of the year and I’m only half way through this single. This single, ‘Life’s Rough’, is punk, garage, art-rock and scuzz all rolled up in to a ball of energy channelling the spirits of Mark E. Smith, Iggy Pop and pre-Grohl Nirvana. Grungy guitars, swaggering but slurred vocals and primal drums all make for a tune that is hard to ignore no matter what your tastes. Then throw in the kind of lyrics that Franz Ferdinand, the Velvet Underground or the Long Blondes might spit out with utter disdain and you’re getting close. B-side ‘Fuck Right Off’ is a more laid back affair but it’s still a 99mph rampage through edgy guitars, clattering beats and the kind of vocal attack that you might expect from a charming drunk on a Friday afternoon when the sun’s out and the Special Brew is flowing. Raw, edgy and brutally honest – I’m in.

Live Dates:

6th August – Humber Street Sesh